A modification of the open-office design in which emphasis is given to the interaction of people
A modification of the open-office design in which emphasis is given to the interaction of people.
let's make your office or apartment cozy and green

What WE DO

We have been creating and maintaining landscapes, swimming pools and gorgeous home interiors for over 15 years. Our 70 member in-house team are exceptionally innovative, skilled, creative, and highly trained.
Our goal is to bring a special aesthetic to the premises and the climatic influence of living plants on the air. Plants make a space breathe and come alive. Add greenery to your home, office and don’t be afraid even if you don’t know anything about plants.

The constant development and application of Western trends in phytodesign allows us to implement unique projects, including through our own production of planters and decorative structures.


of companies for 2021 entrusted us with the landscaping of their offices and received beautiful cozy rooms for work
years we have planted more than
11,000,000 m² nationwide
stadiums of the World Cup, as well as provided service care in all cities participating in FIFA
personal apartments last year were decorated with our plants, which were ordered from different parts of the world
we love each of our clients and their space, over the years of work we already have thousands of photos of work


our plants


We express our gratitude for the landscaping, as well as for the timely and high-quality care of plants in our office. I was pleased with the integrated approach to business, the range of plants and the high quality of the services provided.

Thanks to proper care, our plants always look well-groomed, fresh and delight guests and employees of our office with their appearance.
Alex Adams
Fast in time, multi-variant development of proposals, taking into account the peculiarities of the illumination of the premises, made it possible to carry out landscaping in the shortest possible time with high quality, affordable cost, thereby significantly improving the working conditions of office employees. We recommend the company as a conscientious responsible counterparty in the implementation of office gardening projects.
Marika Simpson
Thank you very much for your high service, you really feel the level. I would like to express my special gratitude to Catherine for her efficiency. The friendliness of the staff is amazing. It is a pleasure to work with you, I look forward to further cooperation.
Nick Anderson

by step

Our phytodesigner will arrive at a convenient time for you, get acquainted with the conditions of the microclimate, layout, interior design, provide you with catalogs of plants and planters, consult, write down your wishes. Departure of the expert is carried out free of charge!
Discussion of details
Based on the information collected, the phytodesigner and biologists will select plants and pots that are suitable for the conditions of your premises. A landscaping project and an estimate will be sent to your email.
Landscaping work
After signing the contract and making an advance payment, we carry out the formation of an order, selection and purchase of plants in the best nurseries in Holland, quality control, plant transplantation and delivery. Arrangement of compositions is carried out by our forces according to the project. Also we will service your new flowers for FREE for a month. You will only enjoy the new cozy interior and fresh air!


your plan
Suitable for small apartments


Individual plan

Up to 10 plants
from $350
Suitable for apartments, cottages


Individual plan

Up to 25 plants
from $800
Suitable for offices


Individual plan

Post-work care
from $1300


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